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TecFeed 250i Welding System 

The TECFEED 250i wire feeder is robustly constructed in a reinforced moulded case to give a fully enclosed wire feed unit which is well sealed against the elements.  
Rugged construction and excellent portability make these ideal for all site welding applications. This model is fitted with a heavy-duty contactor with a good safety margin to allow welding up to 250A. 
Connect to virtually any DC welding power source, CC or CV even 24V batteries work well! 
Multi-process, MIG, MCAW, FCAW with self-shielding or solid wire & gas shielding. 
Excellent welding performance with flux cored and solid welding wires with unbeatable arc stability. 
Rugged design to give a long trouble-free life in less than ideal conditions. 
Rugged all metal 2 roll drive system to guarantee trouble free wire feeding. 
Very portable design with strong ergonomic carry handle which lays flat when not needed. 
Heavy duty contactor fitted to start & stop & cope with current up to 250A. 
Torch trigger latching & burn back control standard. 
Standard Euro torch connection. 
Front controls have a sturdy guard either side to give protection from damage. 
Protected to IP23 so is protected against splashing water & can be used outdoors. 
Works from 20-110V DC & factory tested to 150V to guarantee reliability. 
Takes 15KG spools or 5kg spools. 
Full Width and Tow Bar Step 
Available in yellow or black. 
Light weight, heavy duty in design anti-shatter/ anti crack tread material offers long lasting performance. 
Tread is mounted on a steel skeleton structure which offers sure-footed access to the rear of your vehicle. 
Unique UV enhanced tread offers fade-protection for long lasting aesthetic quality. 
Suitable for parking sensors to be retro fitted during or after installation. 
Ply Lining provides protection to the inside of the vehicle walls. We use good quality hardwood plywood/polyline throughout, with floors and wheel boxes being made of 12mm plywood. Our kits are cut on a CNC machine. 
Anti-slip flooring provides a higher level of grip to improve safety. Our kits are cut on a CNC machine capable of cutting up to a 3050mm x 1525mm sheets of plywood. 
Provides organised storage for fixings which can be taken to your work location, reducing downtime. Service cases come in a variety of sizes and can be used in conjunction with our service case drawers and service case rails to provide safe storage and easy access. 
Carry Light 50 
New 8 x 4 Carrylite complete with 16 assorted inserts 
57mm High x 337mm Wide x 278mm Deep 
Finished in Raaco Blue to match the entire Raaco professional ranges. 
Fitted with 2 sliding locking clips and swivel handle. 
Case made from polypropylene and the lid made from strong polycarbonate. 
This case comes complete with the inserts. 
Carrylite 80 
New 8 x 4 Carrylite complete with 9 assorted inserts 
79mm High x 337mm Wide x 278mm Deep 
Finished in Raaco Blue to match the entire Raaco professional ranges. 
Fitted with 2 sliding locking clips and swivel handle. 
Case made from polypropylene and the lid made from strong polycarbonate. 
This case comes complete with the inserts. 
Carrylite 150 
Carry·Lite 150 with 8 dividers. Fitted with sliding locks and a handle. Made from polypropylene (PP) and polycarbonate (PC). 
Lockable cabinets provide a safe storage place for high value tools/equipment. Cabinets can be built into both racking and bench specifications or sold separately for your workshop. We carry these in a few different sizes. These will also make COSHH cabinets for hazardous substances you may be travelling with which is crucial and shows due diligence when travelling to other sites. 
At Motoron Services we have a good ongoing relationship with Prime Designs and have been trained and approved to fit these roof racks to any vehicle of correct load, we have also designed modifications to this excellent piece of equipment, 
Ergo Rack is made of premium aluminium, which is corrosion free, and allows you to carry heavier loads on top of your van. A stable roof rack with an additional ladder rack to unload and load ladders on the side of the vehicle, everything you need to operate safe and fast on the spot. Thanks to the unloading system on the side, the Ergo Rack can be operated when the vehicle is parked between two cars and in narrow alleys. 
The use of aluminium and other non-corroding materials means that the aluminium rack offers solid long-term value; you can rest assured that in a few years’ time there will be no rusting of scratches made through daily use. The aerodynamic oval cross bars reduce drag of the rack, and this together with its low weight means that it could save you money on fuel compared to a traditional steel rack. 
In addition to the added benefits of an aluminium construction, the Rhino Aluminium Rack retains the useful features of a steel rack: 
6-inch side rails support loads and provide tie down points. 
The full-width rear roller makes the loading of sheet materials and ladders easy and is made from stainless steel to ensure its long life. 
For small vans, the aluminium rack is longer than the steel equivalent - giving you more usable load space. 
A deadlock is a mechanical device fitted to a vehicle door. It operates by throwing a bolt/hook into a receiver fitted to the opposing body section when operated by an external key. 
A slam lock is a device that automatically locks the vehicle door immediately as it is shut, without requiring any operation by the driver. 
Electrical Accessories 
The Reversing Bleeper increases safety by producing an audible note when the vehicle is put in reverse alerting people around of the vehicles manoeuvre. 
Reversing and the rear blind spot is a huge problem regardless of the vehicle with reversing vehicles now accounting for a quarter of all workplace deaths 90% of those reversing accidents occurring off-road (loading bays, lorry parks, quarry sites, warehouses etc.) these statistic show how crucial the need for reversing alarms really are. 

Health & Safety 

Our Front Facing and Reversing camera system increases safety when manoeuvring and can aid in the reduction of vehicle damaging incidents. 
This works well in conjunction with the reversing bleeper making this another crucial accessory to any conversion. 
The front facing camera constantly records the driver’s journey and stores information, this is a great asset to the van making the driver much more accountable and protected. 
This product can be fitted to most makes and models of vehicle. 
Our bespoke switch boards provide a central location for mounting all auxiliary equipment control switches without damaging the vehicle interior. Also allowing you to prepare your mobile workshops for full usage from the comfort of your cab. 
These are supply & fit only so feel free to contact us with your requirements. 
Fire Extinguisher - We can supply fire extinguishers available in a range of sizes and types to suit application. An essential addition to any safety conscious workshop. 
Rotating Roof Vent provides ventilation through the roof of the vehicle to allow air circulation and release any rising gases. It also helps regulate moisture and control temperature inside your vehicles creating a safer space to store all types of substances. 
First aid kit Available to either 10 people or 12 PCV standards, provides emergency supplies for minor injuries sustained in the workshop environment. 
Soap and towel dispenser works in conjunction with hand wash unit to comply with health and safety regulations. 
Compact All-in-one unit The all-in-one unit, contains clean water, soap, paper towel, hand-gel and a waste bin. Using the handle, or shoulder-strap it is easy to take it wherever you are. Alternatively fix it to a wall or in your vehicle with our wall bracket! 
For anyone, whose work brings them into contact with hazardous substances, or unhygienic conditions, they should be considered a necessity. 
Extensively used by major companies, handwash units can assist you in meeting occupational health and safety requirement. Supplying hot and cold water on the go without draining huge amounts of power. 
Skin care centre Includes barrier cream, soap, and moisturiser to help combat the effect of regular abrasive hand washing. 
Eye wash station provides emergency eye wash facilities. An essential addition to any safety conscious workshop 
LED Interior Strip Lights 
High Power LED Strip light with 120° light spread in a Robust, fully potted resin construction in aluminium housing. Magnetic mounting to prevent drilling holes during installation. 
LED Work Lights 
LED Magnetic Mount Work Light with Integral Switch (2.5m Cable) 
Hight Power Work Light at 1300 lumens with Magnetic/Suction mount for ultimate usability. Work light and Switch totally waterproof. Dual Voltage and polarity protected. 
LED Swivel Work Lights 
High power LED Work Light at 1350 lumen with 60° Beam. Single bolt Mounting available or to further increase lighting angle with the use of our adapter bracket. 
LED Markers 
Amber LED Markers provides effective warning when manoeuvring on site. E-marked and R65 approved. 180° Light Angle. 
15 Inch LED ECE R65 Amber Light Bar 12/24v 
Provides effective warning to other vehicles in many situations, Also available with a magnetic base for occasional use. 
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