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The Auto Mate on-board vehicle generating system was designed by Motoron Services Ltd to be a safe and reliable source of power wherever and whenever it is required. The system can be used for anything from welding and battery charging to lighting and electrical equipment. 
Environmentally Friendly and re-usable 
The Automate system has been in use in the field for over 20 years in various forms, some of which have been re-fitted to new vehicles 4 or 5 times, thus showing the durability of the system. It is a hard-wired solution that overcomes weight, space, and emissions restrictions of conventional generators, whilst eliminating all mechanical handling and additional hazardous fuel requirements. 
Power Generated 
The Automate system utilises the host vehicles engine to generate power. The DC Arc Welder capable of supplying up to 150A at 55DC which enables the user to weld using up to a 4mm electrode, because it is DC current it allows for a wide range of electrode types. 
It is an 110V AC Generator, giving up to 3KW constant of 110V AC C.T.E power out of two 16 Amp fused outlets. It can be a 12V and 24V Battery Charger which gives both regulated and boost charge facilities, including the ability to charge a 12V/24V battery whilst travelling. 
Key Features include: 
110V AC C.T.E 
(Centre tapped earth) 
3000W Power output (continuous rating) 
Safety Interlocks and Emergency Stop 
Each power line individually fused to earth 
Power Control Module • 55V DC Arc Welding (up to 150A) 
12V Regulated battery charging (up to 150A) 
24V Regulated battery charging (up to 150A) 
12V/ 24V Boost Battery Charging (up to 150A) 
Lightweight and compact design (Full system 26KG) 
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